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High Speed Photography Tutorial – Wine Glass

Welcome to this quick tutorial on laser triggering with Pluto trigger. Today I was playing around with freeze motion photography, and thought it would be cool to share with you what I tried to get this type of shot. It’s my first time doing this shot this way, and I certainly would improve the process

Macro Lenses versus Extension Tubes

Macro photography can be fun. It can also be expensive if you are starting out. This article will try to let you answer the question: Are macro lenses worth it, or can I get decent macro photos using extension tubes and an inexpensive lens? If you don’t know what macro photography is (confusingly sometimes also

Vibration Reduction / Image Stabilization

No VR versus VR Originally uploaded by Tukay Canuck If you’re shopping for a lens, you may want to consider vibration reduction (on Nikons) or image stabilization (on Canons). These are marketed as “VR” and “IS” on the lens model name. Other brands have this technology too, and may have different marketing terms. Image stabilization

What dSLR Brand to buy?

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a blog, so let’s talk about something important that many people ask me. “Steve, what camera should I buy?” Unfortunately there is no right answer for everyone, but there might be a right answer for you. Lenses Decide what lenses you’d like to have in the next 5-10