Focus On Ottawa

Month: December 2009

Winter Is Here

Snowtroopers HDR Originally uploaded by Tukay Canuck Yes it’s cold out, but that’s no excuse to stay indoors. Get out there and shoot; winter in Canada is gorgeous. If you are shooting with an SLR, there are some precautions you should take. 1) Keep your batteries warm. You should have at least a couple of

Studio Lighting Basics Part 1: Lighting Ratios

When doing studio shooting, there is practically an infinite combination of lighting setups that you can use in your arsenal. Before going wild with lighting setups, it is helpful to understand the basics of studio lighting and lighting ratios. Let’s talk about the basics of lighting components before talking about lighting ratios. One common setup

Panorama How To

Champlain Lookout Pano Originally uploaded by Tukay Canuck A panorama can be a cool effect for landscape portraits. Panoramas are much easier to do these days with digital cameras. You don’t have to buy a special panorama camera, or do anything too complicated. There are some basic steps to get a good panorama though. Here


Snowfall Originally uploaded by Tukay Canuck Well, the snow has finally hit Ottawa. We change our focus from colourful foliage to the white stuff. Ho ho ho.