Focus On Ottawa

Month: August 2009

Lens Filters

There are many types of filters that you can get for your lenses. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the filters I use. UV, Clear and Haze: A UV filter removes some invisible UV light that may lead to haze in photos. Clear, or “digital clear”  is only used to protect your lens. Even


Cooliris is a terrific utility that plugs into Firefox (or Internet Explorer, if you’re one of “those” people). It lets you browse pictures in Flickr, Facebook, Google Images, etc., with an intuitive and graphically stunning interface. Don’t think about installing it, just do it now.


Everyone knows how important backups are, especially with your pictures. But most people still don’t do it. Hard drives fail people. Even enterprise rated hard drives have almost a 1% chance of failing per year. How many years have you had your hard drive? There are several things you should do to back up. Here’s

Street Photography

Street photography forces you, the photographer, to leave your comfort zone and overcome shyness. It’s a great exercise to force you out of your “shell”. Check out this great video from Wired on Street photography. You can visit our take on street photography on Flickr. Pictures will be added constantly.