Focus On Ottawa

Month: July 2009

Battery Grip

Battery grips’ primary purpose is obviously to be a battery and a grip. Obviously. But battery grips are worth more discussion than that. So let’s explore the first function: battery. Battery grips typically allow you to insert more than one proprietary battery at a time, doubling battery capacity. But here’s the great thing: many battery


You might look at a scene and say that the buildings look terrific, the people look terrific, the sky is gorgeous, you point your camera and shoot. Then you look at the LCD and ask yourself what went wrong. All cameras have a limited dynamic range. The human eye on the other hand has a

Scott Kelby Photowalk

I was privileged to join this year’s Scott Kelby worldwide photowalk. This is a photo expedition that takes place simultaneously in over 900 cities across the world, with 32,000 participants. I represented Ottawa along with 49 other local photographers. The official website for the photowalk is here. Scott Kelby is a professional photographer, president of